Review on Nike 2.0  Sweatshirt
Shakiah G.

If you like sweatshirts, then this is the sweatshirt for you. I recently bought this Nike sweatshirt from Macys and I am extremely impressed with this.

Here are some things I like about the sweatshirt. First this Nike 2.0 sweatshirt is forty dollars not on sale. Another thing is this sweatshirt is dri fit so it moves sweat away from your body and onto the material. This also comes in thirteen color schemes. Also it is made of sixteen pieces of fabric, this sweatshirt is also made of a tough polyester. This sweatshirt has tough seams to hold everything together. Also it stays clean dirt does not stain it often. This sweatshirt also is nice because it easy to clean because it is machine washable. Darker colors schemes will help if you are worried about stains.

Some things to take into consideration are, that sometimes a seam will open and unravel so you just have to cut the thread. Also it will stain in one of the lighter color schemes, such as the yellow and black. In some cases the fabric will also get fuzzy if you wash it too much.

If you like sweatshirts, then this would be a great sweatshirt for you. I was very impressed with this sweatshirt that I bought from Macys

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