description of yourself

my name is kelsi duhon and this is 5 things that desceiptoin about me

i love volleyball but i dont like to play on teams becusse am shy sometimes i play with my couins my favorite coloer is blue my  favorite foods are chincse .seafood .fish shrimp,


It is problematic however to suggest that people in past societies were any more violent than people are today. Martin and colleagues in their recent book have pulled together some of the foremost researchers studying violence in the past to show that though there may have been events like massacres in the past, the frequency and manifestation of warfare vary greatly both within and between cultures.



describe one helpful thing you did for someone during the break ??

i spent my thanksgiving with my moms family at her house my aunts house there were lots of people together we all helped each other with the table and put things away  together it was a good time we watched the football game together my family likes the cowboys so they liked watching it while the kids played outside  it was good spending time with family from out of town too .  



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