comparing to a hospital

Chloroplast:the cafeteria ladies is the chloroplast because they provide food for people.

Vacuole:the storage rooms can be the vacuole because it keeps extra stuff.

Golgi Bodies: The rooms in the hospital are the golgi bodies because the keep patients inside.

Ribsomes: The pills in the hospital are the proteins for the patients because it makes them feel better.

Mitochondria: The nurses are the mitochonria cause they crush the pills and give thi=em to them.

ER: The food transport nutrients throw the cell.

Nuclear Membrane:The walls of the hospitals or the crutanis seperates the patients from each other.

Nucleus:The wheel chairs of nurses direct people to the bathroom of any where else.

Cytoplasm: The floor because it keeps the buliding together.

Cell Membrane: the Paint and bricks on the outside of the buliding forms the outer layer.