Local and Global Weather

What is wind?

Air in motion is wind. Its produced by un even heating of earth's surface by the sun. Since the earth's surface is made of various land and water formations. Its going to absorb the sun's radiation unevenly.

What is the jet stream?

The jet stream is fast flowing river of air found in the earths atmosphere at about 12 km above the surface of earth only under the tropopause.

What is a sea breeze?

On a warm summer day along the coast, a differential heating or land and sea leads to the development of the local winds called sea breezes. As the air above land surface is heated by radiation from the sun, it expands and begins to rise, being lighter than the surrounding of air. To replace rising air, cooler air is drawn in from above the surface of the sea. This is sea breeze, and can offer a pleasant cooling influence on hot summer afternoons.

What is a land breeze?

Land breeze will occur at night when land cools faster than the sea. In this case, it is air above a warmer surface water that heat and rises, pulling air from a cooler land surface.

What are global wind

The equator receives the sun's direct rays. Here, air is heated and rises leaving the low pressure area's behind. Moving to thirty degrees north and south of the equator, warm air from the equator will begin to cool and sink. Between thirty degrees latitude and the equator, most of the cool sinking air will move back to the equator. The rest of air will flow toward the poles.

What are prevailing

In between thirty and sixty degrees latitude, the winds that move toward poles will appear to curve to the east, Because winds are from they're direction in which they originate, these winds are prevailing westerlies. Prevailing westerlies in Northern Hemispheres are responsible for many of weather movements across the United States and also Canada.

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