Inheritance Journal Pt.2


" back the piano and get her niggers back."

"He carved all this. He got a picture of his mama...Mama Esther....and his daddy, Boy Charles."

"Berniece ain't gonna sell that piano. Cause her daddy died over it."

I notice that these quotes all have something in common. Like how they all are arguments on how the piano is affected towards the history of the family and other members.

2. These quotes tell me that this piano means a lot to this family because Berniece's father died over getting that piano and for Berniece to sell it would have a big negative impact on the family.

3. The conflict regarding the piano is the fact that some of the family wants the piano to be sold so they could by the part of the land Berniece's father worked on.

4. I think the family should keep the piano because it has so much worth and power that comes with it. Their was deaths over it and so much more to it than what others feel was with it. They also should keep it because the piano won't have the same powerful meaning on another as it would to Berniece and her family.

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