David Albon - 3 Ways to Instill Confidence in Clients

Why do customers buy products from specific companies? Despite the internet, many people will forgo the low prices in favor of their loyalties. David Albon has the answer. After working up his business with more than two decades of experience, he knows that reaching clients is about instilling confidence. So the question is, can you make your target market choose to buy from you?

  1. Possibly the most important aspect of reaching customers, according to David Albon, is to make them feel special. Small talk can go a long way to forging a long-term bond. By taking an attitude of customer service above price gouging and unnecessary upselling, the customers know you are working for them. But it is more than that. It is about showing your customers you are a real person.
  2. David Albon says it is also important to be transparent. Showing transparency about the product and why customers need it, as well as answering all their questions honestly builds trust. Not only that, but customers will also return, often bringing friends with them.
  3. The last key is to make a realistic promise. For instance, if you need to ship a product to a customer, never tell them the average time it will take. Instead, provide the longest possible time an item will take to ship, so that way they are pleasantly surprised when it arrives earlier. If it does take longer, many customers will get angry, feel they have been lied to, and take their business elsewhere.