República Dominicana

Olivia Demoreuille

Basic Facts:

Population, about 5,204,002 men and about 5,199,739 women.

Countries next to it: Nagua,Samaná

Languages: Spanish

Capital: Santo Domingo

Type of money: Peso( Every  U.S. $1 is $13.28 in the Dominican Republic)

Neighboring Countries:The island of Hispaniola, and Haiti

Fun places to visit:The National Palace the home of the government, Scape park in Cap Cana a place to go zip-lining,

Geography: There are a lot of beaches, and a hill here and there.

Temperature: It's usually high 70's and low 80's at about this time of year in September

A popular drink is Frucade a carbonate drink made in 1953.

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Good job!