Social media is a tendency nowadays. Most people, especially young people, use social media as a mean of communication: talking to family, friends, or express opinion. Majority of information available online is not made by big telecommunication companies as cbc, bbc, reuters, and so on. Actually, they are made up for ordinary people who write what they about a range wide of subjects. For example, there a lot of sites or blogs that intend to assess products as a new released cellphone. Even I, writer of this text, consult these site before buy something. It’s very useful to know what people who have some object think about it. The marketing has been analyzed this new media as a potential for advertisements. According to Google, 66 percent of auto-buyers use the Internet as a research source, whereas others 13 percent use TV (Thomas, 2014, p. 18). Seeing social media as promising spot for ads, automotive industry is the sector which most invest in social media; auto brands expects to spend even more. Below is a chart that shows how much each auto company spend with social media.

Some data prove why is so important for automobile companies invest in social media.

  • Car shoppers are 10 times more social than the general population (Thomas, 2014).
  • US Figures shows that households with twitter users are two times as likely to buy a new car as average household (Thomas, 2014).

The important point is that other companies from different sectors in the near future will increase the expenditures with social media benefiting YouTube, Google, Facebook, etc. Currently, many projects of marketing is based in multi-platforms: TV, Internet, magazines, and others. In fact, many companies are using social media as a thermometer of how the market is reacting with respect to specific product. Besides, some brands use social media to enhance the image of a company among target audience. It's noticeable that technology has changed the traditional form of marketing as well as allow to target more people than traditional means of communication such as television, radio, newspapers, and magazine.


Thomas, D. (2014, August). Getting social with automobiles. Marketing, pp. 18-19.