My Holidays

On the holidays I stayed at Holly and Paige Watts' house for 2 nights. They have a long driveway and at the top of the drive way are 2 gargoyles.

I got there in the morning at about 8:00. At mid-day Holly and I went to the Mid Valley Cinema and watched Despicible Me 2. We got a large popcorn, choc top ice-creams and a large slushie that we got to fill ourselves. There was 3 colours to choose from and they were pink, blue and cola. We both got all 3 colours.

We made our way into the cinema and found our seats. The people behind us kept laughing at things during the movie that weren't even funny and it got really annoying.

When the movie finished we played the arcade games but didn't win anything. We drove through Maccas and then went back to her house.

When we got there Holly and I took photos that eventually formed a heart. Holl y posted it on Facebook and thene we watched T.V. absolutely nothing was on and we got really bored.

We spent the rest of the time lounging around doing anything we couald to entertain ourselves.

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