Water digital poster

Turkey has the biggest amount of population

Iraq is predicted to grow a lot by 2050 they are the green line. Turkey is predicted to grow a moderate amount they are the yellow line. And Syria is predicted to grow almost nothing they are the blue line.

Iraq will need more and more water since they are growing the fastest and will need a huge amount in 2050.

The region in and around these three countries will need a lot more water especially Iraq. Therefore these countries need to figure out how to sort this out.

Iraq has almost 2 times the water avalible as it uses. Therefore they have more water than they use, but they are growing. They are the far right bar.

This is a comparison between the amount of water that comes from inside and outside the country. Iraq is the far right. As you can see they have about the same amount of external water vs. internal water.

As you can see iraq uses more water than its total internal water use. This means that a large part of their total withdrawal is external water.

This is iraqs water use in different categories. As you can see Iraq uses most of its water for agriculture to grow food for its people.

Iraq needs the water to feed its people by farming the land.

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