Brody B #Kettner #Tech21

my possessions are trampoline, all my video game concels besides the Xbox one I don’t have one of those yet. I have a 24 inch flat screen in my rooms at moms and a 32 inch at my dad’s I have an apple TV. I also have a set of speakers that I use to; I have an iPhone, a laptop and a Kindle fire. Those are my main possessions.

The opinions on things in this world I feel like the higher powered people limit us to what we have in life. I believe that pot should be legal in the USA but stuff such as any other drug should not be I feel like they’re starting to loosen up on people but in a reasonable way. I think that guns should be allowed to be bought but not stuff like flamethrowers and stuff. I feel like should be limited with reason. Thats how I feel about most things.

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