The Tundra Ecosystem

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Tundra Ecosystem is very cold. It is covered in snow.

Biotic and Abiotic Factors


Heaths,mosses,owls,polar bears,penguins

arctic foxes are biotic


Strong winds,poor soil,short summer days,little rainfall,mountains

mountains are abiotic

Carrying Capacity

-the number of people, other living organisms, or crops that a region can support without environmental degradation

-in order to survive you need: food, water, shelter, space

The populations of the penguins decreases when warming starts to happen in their shelter.

When the temperature starts to rise it melts their environment and it starts to melt; making it a little amount of space.

Limiting Factors

-are things that prevent a population from growing any larger

-example of limiting factors: disease, temperature, etc.

Penguins are preys to many animals for example leopard seals are one of them.

A leopard seal eating a penguin.

Energy Role

producers: liverworts

primary consumer-herbivore: pikas

secondary consumer-carnivore: arctic wolf

tertiary consumer-omnivore: arctic polar bear

decomposer -break down organisms to make nutrients :fungi

scavenger-animals that eat off of animals that's already dead: snowy owl

Producers get their energy from the sun, consumers get their energy from producers, and decomposers get their energy from dead organisms.

Producers are very vital to the ecosystem because it is the only organism that can make its own food to provide for other organisms.

liverworts is a producer
pikas are primary consumers
arctic wolves are secondary consumers
polar bears are tertiary consumers
fungi is a decomposer
snowy owls are scavengers
plants are vital to the ecosystem because it is the only organism that can make its own food due to the sun's energy

Food Chains vs. Food Webs

Food webs are more realistic to our ecosystem than food chains because the organism has more than one predator.

example of a food web in the tundra

By moving the arctic wolf the arctic hare population would increase then the producers would eventually run out and every organism would starve.

Trophic Levels  and Energy Pyramids

examples of energy pyramid in the tundra

The reason why its a triangle is because it shows how much energy the organism has as it goes up the pyramid.

Producers are on the bottom because it has the most energy from the sun.

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