Our HP Tablets Impact Learning

When you can hand-write on your computer, new possibilities arise!

In tablet mode, the physical barrier is gone, and there is less noise.

When you can WRITE ON YOUR COMPUTER INSTEAD OF TYPE on it, the way you think about using your computer changes.  If you have not yet found a good use for your tablet pen (a/k/a stylus), here are some ideas to consider:

  • If you believe that handwriting is an important skill and helps students retain information, the option to hand-write notes on the HP tablet is available.
  • Taking notes is quieter, less visible/intrusive in classes (and meetings and workshops.)
  • Text can be annotated - highlight and make notes on it ... and with a tool called Diigo you can also annotate web pages!
  • Students can easily write formulas, equations, make drawings for concept mapping, or draw pictures to help them remember.
  • There are many online whiteboards available that could be used for group activities that would include writing with the pen.
In addition to the physical barrier, the keyboard can be noisy.

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