The Order of Hope

From Mandalorians, to Jedi, to droids Sith, and hundreds of other species, the Star Wars Universe has spread from a simple trilogy to the collective consciousness of hundreds of creators' imagination. And, believe it or not, this imaginative world has leaked, little by little, into our reality. Real people in the real world have decided to take the principles started communicated in Star Wars, and apply them to their every day lives. One of these groups of people is the Order of Hope. This organization of Jedi and Mandalorians believe in peace, pride, and/or self-sacrifice. As we examine this order of believers, determine for yourself if their values are similar to yours and decide if you would like to join the Order of Hope, a public interest group in pursuit of a collective good. We are selfless, we do not benefit from our achievements directly.


YOU COULD BE YODA (in theory)

have you ever wanted to be a butt kicking jedi knight. now you can! join this professional association where we all share the same political opinions of the galaxy. order of the hope and work your ranks to becoming a true jedi. fight the evil General Grevious, count Dooku, and even... BARACK OBAMA. you cant miss this opportunity.

Everyone starts at the bottom, but with an booty kicking mentor you will advance sure enough.

1. Padawan: excited to start your journey? this is how. as a padwan youre a full member of the order. you will learn skills from your master to improve your jedi skills. You're at this rank for the longest time. You will learn how to master your light saber, use the force, and even find your true self. The council, or the Think Tank, of the New Hope. Will train you on policy matters and what is important to our order. The council and your master will decide when you are knighted.

2. Novice. The novice no longer has a master. The Novice can oversee and appoint duties to the Padwans. You will have more freedom to practice your knightly duties. Also, you will tell the council when there is trouble in the order.

3. FINALLY AS A TRUE FREAKING KNIGHT. you have passed your preliminaries. You have learned all you need to be a true jedi butt kicker. Darth Vader will run from you. As a knight you can train 3 padwan. This means you can pass on your learned skills to the children. This is when you can be elected into the council.

4. Master: as this you are also a Knight. you have ultimate authority. You have immense significance and a chance to win numerous accolades.

5.Grandmaster: this is the highest ranking of the order. You are apointed by the council and receive extrmely  high responsibilities.(like driving a podracer).

6. Archivists: you have access to all the dark secrets of the galaxy. Basically you make the laws and archive topics.

7. Treasurer: you will hold all the money from the Order of the Hope. This includes donations we receive from various galactic patrons.And you will be in charge of financing the exciting trips to other galaxies. wowza

8.) Ambassador of the Order: Ambassadors serve other orders  establish contact and, if necessary, to obtain a cooperation. You will do this through direct mail where you will email list of potential members. this means you can communicate with people from far off distances. How cool would it be to communicate with an Amanin or even an Elomin.

May the force, wisdom and benevolence always be with you!



  • Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world,
  • Whereas disregard and contempt have led human rights in barbarous acts which satisfy the conscience of mankind with indignation, and has been proclaimed as that of a world in which people enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want, the highest aspiration of the people applies
  • since it is necessary to protect human rights through the rule of law, that the man is not compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression,
  • since it is necessary to promote the development of friendly relations between nations
  • Whereas the peoples of the United Nations have reaffirmed their faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person and in the equal rights of men and women, reaffirmed again in the Charter, to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom ,
  • because Member States have committed themselves to work in cooperation with the United Nations to promote universal respect for and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms,
  • Whereas a common understanding of these rights and freedoms is of the greatest importance for the full realization of this pledge, the General Assembly proclaims this Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a common standard of achievement for all peoples and all nations ideal that every individual and every organ of society, keeping this Declaration always keep present and endeavor to promote through teaching and education respect for these rights and freedoms and below by progressive national and international measures their universal and effective recognition and observance by the population of Member States themselves and by the population of its jurisdiction areas to ensure.


Live by a code.. of awesomeness. More awesome than bro code this is..

All is one, unique is everything: We all exist separately, yet we are all together.

Dignity is the right and duty: Everything has an inherent natural dignity, which must be protected.

Men and Women are equal, like all nations: Equality is key.

Reason and Emotion are equal: It is human nature for one to influence the other, but it is important to stay objective and not let one rule the other.

We are in direct contact with the community in order to form new leaders.

The Code

"The Jedi of OOH are the peace keepers of the society. Use their power for the defense and protection of others, but never for attack. Make sure all life, in any form. They serve rather than to rule, for the benefit of society. Strive The Jedi for perfection through knowledge and training. There are not feelings; Peace there is ignorance, there is not; Knowledge there is passion, there is not; Cool, there is There is no chaos, there is harmony There is no death; the power is there."

Benefits of Joining

In order to move up in our single issue interest group and in rank, you will be taught many life tips. All of these tips are free so you will never have to deal with the “free-rider problem”.

1. Education: Knowledge is power. You will be taught all there is to know about the world so you can find your way in everyday life. After a short period of training, you will understand the areas of history, culture, politics and society, science and technology, and languages. So basically if you go through the schooling, you will have the information to run the world.

2. Diplomacy: The art of putting up with people. One of the most important things about life that everyone should be aware of is the proper way of dealing with people. This is far more than negotiating. You will be taught the knowledge of human psychology and how to be smart and friendly. This will increase your social skills making you a more likable person.

3. Extension of the Spirit: Viewing and Understanding the world. "Extension of the Spirit" is intended to promote a better understanding of different ideologies, religions, and philosophies. Students will also be taught how historical backgrounds and spiritual currents make up a big part of our world. You friends will envy you because of all the information you will gain being apart of our group.

4. Physical exercise: "A healthy mind in a healthy body." Our group is not all about sports and spontaneous sword fighting, a healthy diet is also a main factor for a healthy body. Our professors will teach you the tips and tricks for a healthy life.

5. Creativity: The ability to think. Promoting creativity not only preserves our culture, it also gives everyone who has it, power. Creativity is not just art. It is also being able to think differently from others. A creative mind creates a creative person.

6. Self Reflection: The art of understanding yourself. You will learn to create a healthy self-conscious and gain inner strength. The main idea of teaching this subject it to produce mature personalities and help you know your strengths and recognize your weaknesses. In order to enjoy life, you must love yourself before others.

7. Dealing with the "Power": You will learn our purpose for living. "Who are we?" "Why are we here?" "Where did we come from?" These questions will be answered along with many others.

8. Solidary Benefits: This wonderful “plus” cannot be taught but everyone receives it before they leave the nest. Solidary benefits helps a member gain satisfaction derived from the experience of working with like-minded people, even if the group's efforts do not achieve the desired impact.

9. Purposive Benefits: Our group provides many things you cannot necessarily hold. Things such as skills and morals, things that will last you a life time beyond lifetimes.

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