David,the Protector

By Leonardo Rosales

David with eyes of gleaming thunderstorms with one gleam of happiness and skin of morning skin with hairs of memories of long ago of his life .

David of the home who he protects with his life with his white crooked teeth.

David whose hands and body control his thoughts and actions and life.

David is a father who care for his two bundles of joy who laughs,plays,and helps them along the way of their life.

David works until night for his bundles of happiness. David punishes the joy filled bundles when they do bad things because he has to teach them wrong from good so that they will fight for a brighter future. David is the well being of his kids.

David inside a of world of suffering in a body filled with scars from the hardships of life and whose sadness has been with him since his beginning of his life inside of a body with years of humility and mistrust of the people who have lied and cheated him. David inside of a pit of darkness called the earth as he is the shining light of hope.

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