Seven Things You Don't Need To Know About Me

By Paige Bloor


I have a few siblings and most of them I don't like.

Corbyn 10 years old: My brother corbyn and I don't get alone at all in fact we hate each other.  We sometimes and only sometimes will me and my brother get along.

Archer 5 Months old: We get along very well mainly because he is young and can't back chat.

Rylee 9 years old: She likes to lie to get her way or to get other people in trouble or she acts all innocent when it was all her fault for a whole load of things.

Ella 5 years old: I shall make this one short I HATE HER.

Kane 10 years old: I think Kane is pretty cool we get on really well because WE BOTH LOVE MINECRAFT.


I am crazy about mine craft.  It would have to be one of my favorite game of all time.  Before school I am on mine craft after school I am on mine craft pretty much I am on mine craft when ever I can.


I love taking Photos.  I also love being in photos. I also love selfies.






Pipsqueak=Guinea Pig~~~Coco=Guinea Pig~~~Gingey=Guinea Pig

Rugaby=Guinea Pig~~~Midnight=Guinea Pig~~~Chocolate=Guinea Pig

Patch=Guinea Pig~~~Witch=Guinea Pig~~~Magpie=Guinea Pig

Below is my horse Nemo


I absolutely love to surf I have loved to surf ever since I was little.  When I had round about just started school my dad took me to the beach and he put me on a surfboard and he held the surfboard while I was on a wave and I thought it was awesome.  I have loved to surf ever since.

6~Social Networks

I have quite a few social networks.  I love connecting and sharing things online with others that is why I love all my social networks.  Some of the ones that I have are instagram, facebook, viber, snapchat, Kik and google+.


If I didn't have wifi I don't know what I would do.  For one I wouldn't be able to go on anything google.  I also wouldn't be able to go on my social networks and that is how I usually connect with my friends.

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