Great War has begun

Quest for expansion

Nationalism is currently at an all time high. To start with, there is a major quest for the colonies. While many countries in Europe are attempting to claim colonies in the West and in Africa, many countries struggled with just exactly how to carry this out. Bismarck, leader of Germany, has now attempted to militarize his country in order to dominate. While Europe is having conflicts with the quest for expansion, the Middle East is having problems of their own. Both Austria and Serbia are in major conflict over the crisis in the Balkans. Austria recently presented Serbia with an ultimatum with many demands and it stated that if Serbia did not comply, war would begin. To no one's surprise Sebria did not accept the ultimatum, therefore provoking war. All of this crisis has lead up to the Great War.

                               Britain and the Start of WWI
On June 20th, 1914, in the side street in the city of Saragevo, an
assassination shot a man which shaped new violence on the world. This
event is triggering many future events. Nowadays, nations of Europe
control vast shades of the world through their empires. There is major
competition to contain certain lands and to expand empires.
Controlling these other countries continue to rise with the European
superpowers. After this, they began to fight wars to improve their
standings. These wars result in major competition and resentment. A
little bit ago, when Austria-Hungary was assassinated, many other
empires were threatened. This is because people participated in this
action, who were not expected to. Serbia was and still is very angry
and had certain demands to be done. These demands were not done by Serbia, so the Austria-Hungary declared war. Because of their small
amount of people who participated, they wanted more people. They began to have allies and the small war expanded. Serbia sided with Russia when Germany helped Austria-Hungary. After this, Germany declared war on Russia. Britain had a commitment to France to help them if Germans did however attack. The government's were then divided. The Germans wanted to crash France, first wig Belgium. War arose with Britain and Germany. This event triggered the domino affect and many other empires and allies joined. Starting with the Ottoman Empire, then ranging all of the way to Japan and China who sided with Britain and France. Even Portugal and Haiti joined. The USA came into the war neutral. And this is what leads us to today... The death of one man... Resulting to 16 million deaths just because of this filthy war that still continues today.

Imperialism and Nationalism Leads to War
The heightened pressure between Serbia and Austria has exploded into flames when the Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. This hydrogen bubble of nationalism burst into flames causing all out war. Germany thinking that they are the best joined in the fight for no
apparent reason. Nationalism was the cause of this fighting. The
rivalries between countries will erupt and some thing has to light the
fuse. This is also the cause of imperialism. Because countries were
greedy, like Austria, it caused for the revolt of Serbia. This
escalated quickly. Countries were trying to take over other countries
to gain power through using military and strategic force. This is
called imperialism. Austria was on the search for expansion and took
over Serbia to gain power. The search for expansion has lead to
leaders to become power hungry.

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          Sussex Pledge Contributes to Start of WWI

The Sussex Pledge was a German Government promise to the United States of America on May 4, 1916 in response to the U.S. demands to impose the First World War. The promise stated that Germany would change their naval and submarine policy to end the sinking of non-military ships, and instead, ships would be only be sunk if they contained contraband. The incident that brought about this pledge was the sinking of a U.S. ship on May 4, 1916. The United States became so infuriated with this extreme action by Germany that U.S. declared that they would end all diplomatic relations if Germans did not stop unrighteous attacks. Therefore, the Sussex Pledge was created; however, eventually resulted in World War 1. The effort to compromise was not fulfilled as Germany broke the promises of the Sussex Pledge on February 1, 1917. This betrayal by Germany made the United States even more aggravated and established the activation of WWI.


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