Atmosphere- By: Dylan Hartford

1. The Mesosphere protects us from the meteors hurtling to earth they burnout early falling some make it and burnout and just fall to earth.

2. The Troposphere is the part we live in it protects us. It creates the weather we have every day.

3. The Stratosphere it right above the Troposphere. It protect us from deadly radiation. The ozone layer is found here.

4. The Thermosphere is the hottest and closest to the sun. There's less pressure. Its the outermost layer. It is also where the northern lights happen.

5. The atmosphere is around the earth it keeps us warm and lets plants grow. It protects us

6. The pressure decreases as you ascend into the atmosphere. Also you will enlarge.

7. If we did not have the atmosphere it would be terrible we would not be here we would never have been here we would not no anything not even the smallest amount of info.

8. If there was no troposphere there would be no water or weather and we could not survive, plant would not grow either.

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