Trip in Dublin City Gang yeeeees

Hey hey heyyy!! In this tackk, you will see my trip in the country of Guinness!

The travel was veryyy long, 31 hours of transports.. 8 hours of bus and 23 hours of boat. In the boat it was cool (for me) but some people were sick and throw up uuuuh and there was a party in the boat, look:

Dance dance dance

In the morning, we see that:

Good morniiiiing earth

And you can see a wild unicorn too!!

Hey! That's me!!

After a looong travel we are finally arrived! This is the beach of Portmarnock:

Seaaaa NOsex and not a lot of sun

The next day, we went in Dublin visit a museum and the afternoon we played Gaelic games..

Heheheee.. but the coach stole my racket so I just put my hand haha..

The next day, we went to Glendalough and we saw amazing landscapes!

Next day we went to Navan to Causey (crazy) farm..

Heeeeelloooooo you
And we made Irish Bread
We are artists!!

Next day we past the journey in Dublin, a fabulous city, and it was time to gooo :((

For finish, my favourite photo, the picture of my class!!

This is my class, the 2nd 2 in Irelaaaaand

It was an amazing trip thanks to all the teachers and Sylvain!!

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