Examples of Book Reviews

By Miss Hodgson
Use this to help you write your GoodReads review!!

Some Cool Book Reviews to Get You Inspired

When you are writing your book review, we are looking for the following things:

Why this review? This review gives a great summary of the book. It also pulls in a bits of text from the book to help make his review stronger, and constantly refers back to the story. It is obvious as you read through this review that the author really enjoyed this book.

However, one of the strongest parts about this review is that the writer discusses both the good and bad parts about the book. This shows that he really has thought through how he feels about the book, and how he would like to express that to the audience (us!!).

This review has 780 words.

Why this review? Natasha gives a really strong summary of the book right at the beginning of her review, so the reader understands some of the bigger ideas that are present within the book. It is obvious throughout the review that Natasha really enjoyed the book (because she is a fan of Atwood) but that there were some parts that bugged her. Natasha does a good job at praising the book while talking about some of the things that it lacks. It is a good balance, and is a great example of a well thought out read.

This book also pulls a lot of story out of the book, and has text that makes the review a little stronger as well.

This book ends on a positive note for the book, which shows that the writer wants us to finish reading her review with a positive feeling about the book.

This review has 1110 words.

Why this review? This review is important to read because it is a well thought-out review that tears a book apart. I really like this review. It does a really great job explaining why this book is not well-written, and why it had way more potential to be a better story. I also believe that it does a great job at discussing different dimensions of the book. Fell_Blade86 discusses different parts of the book by drawing on elements of the story and quotes. This helps strengthen his argument and shows us his reasons why he does not like Twilight.

This review has 2800 words.

What Will We Be Looking For In Your Review?

A brief summary of your book (no spoilers if possible!!).

Talk about both the good and bad aspects of your book. What did the author do well? What did you not like about the book?

Draw on examples from the story, and use quotes when you think it will help you make your review stronger.

I am looking for your opinion of the book. I do not require you to write something good about your book. If you hated it€- TELL ME!!

Your review should be around 800 words.