I messed up the other day. I made a mistake. I was selfish, and lost a friend. I did everything I could to get that friend back, but i couldn't.
Everyone makes mistakes. Some as small as spelling a word wrong, some as big as getting fired from a job. But when we mess up, we have two choices. One, to move on. Learn from your mistake, accept than you messed up, and never repeat it again. Or two, blame others for the choice you made, make up excuses and hold a grudge. Sometimes when we mess up, we get a second chance. And on the second chance, you take the opportunity to make up for what you did, and move on.But sometimes, we don't get chances. When that happens, it is no different. Chances are a gift, a present, sometimes we are lucky enough to get them but most of the time we must provide for ourselves.
The key to life is, limit your mistakes, think before you act. Of course it is easier said than done, but once you follow through with that, you will find yourself living without regrets.

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