As a water city

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Pabst Mansion

     While observing at the Pabst Mansion, it is became quite apparent that Captain Pabst had many connections to water. For instance, while in his smoking room there were quotes and pictures on the ceiling. The one that sticks out in my mind is the ship, which I learned that he began working on the Great Lakes' steam ships in 1852 when he was only twelve years old. So, ships were a starting point in his career and seemed to carry on as an important factor later in his life. The ceiling also consisted of the crest for his beer brewing company. His beer was greatly connected to water not only because it was an ingredient in the beer itself but also due to the fact that the Spanish American War in the late 1890's allowed Captain Pabst to export beer globally! In the reading by Gurda, he explains that steam ships linked different parts of the world together. For example he writes about the Milwaukee Clipper which was a steam ship containing what would be similar to a cruise ship now-a-days. This allowed people, as well, to transport around the world. This also impacted things such as immigration.

     Another feature I noticed in Pabst's mansion was the painting upstairs entitled "Farewell to the Homeland"(translated to English). This was a painting created in 1856 of a two sided story of both sorrow and celebration. On one side of the painting there are people showing great sadness for leaving their home, family and the only things they knew in life. The other side of the painting expresses the joys and excitement for what is to come in the future. This is very connected with the Pabst family. Immigration was something happening all around at this time and I believe they too were immigrants. This relates to the reading by Solomon. In this reading he discusses how because of people moving around, for instance through immigration, new illnesses erupted in places they were never heard of before. He also discusses waterborne diseases such as the yellow fever  and how it killed thousands and inhibited them to fight in the wars ocuring at the time.

Haggerty Museum of Art

      While at the Haggerty Museum of Art I was able to observe paintings as well as both real in-the moment pictures and set up photographs. These artists were telling a story through their pictures. They  not only had wonderful aspects of water, but they showed how the water effected the people in contact with it. One of the first photographs that stood out to me was one called Where Norman Morine Dissapeared at Laguna Beach 2010. This was a wonderful photograph taken of a sunset over the open water. There were dark shadows of rocks in the front and then an orange sky reflecting in the water. This was a photograph by an artist who was playing with investigation. These photos were taken at different places where people had gone missing. These people were both real individuals and fictional characters. It shows how water impacts peoples lives both imaginary and right in front of them.

     Another photograph I would like to point out was one entitled Zuma #9. This photo was of a room that was destroyed by what appears to be the ocean. This house is right off the coastline of the ocean. The lighting in the house is minimum but outside the sky is light blue and looks calm. There are people standing out by the shore stairing off into the ocean. This, to me, is telling a story about a family that lost their home in some type of water storm such as a hurricane. They go out still to relax and admire the beautiful calm water that was just recently so powerful that it destroyed everything they had.

     The photos above is from a series that took a man thirteen days to complete. These are of each place that he photographed an individual around the great lake. It really shows how different the water can be from day to day. This set of photographs goes along with another set simallarly arranged but instead of the individuals he found along the way. Each person was telling a different story. One woman, for example was 98 years old biking around. Another was of a man who was a third generation fisherman on the lake, and yet another of a woman painting a beautiful scene of the lake. The water has so many benefits to so many people. It is new to me, to think about how many people depend on the Great Lakes each and every day. Some people use them just for a fun time, and to others it is a necessity for survival.

Our adventure began at Altera Coffee right off the lake front. Here we talked about what we learned in class and how strange it was that we were really right on top of everything. From here we walked to the lake where the real journey began.

As we looked out onto Lake Michigan it became quite clear that it impacted the lives of the individuals surrounding it. One of the very first things we noticed was a man at work. He had to pull out a fence that had been placed in the sand. I'm not exactly sure what for, but it was apparent that people weren't supposed to be in that area during the time it was up. I assume that now the weather was getting nicer they had to start opening the beach side up for people to enjoy. This is the man we asked how to find the pavilion we were supposed to be seeing. He directed us on our way and we continued on your field trip.

As we were walking we noticed a man and women on the shore. They both had cameras in their hands and seemed to be taking pictures of things in the sand. This is yet another way that individuals are using the lake as a resource.

On our way along the side of the lake we noticed a little circular area that you can go out on and look out on the lake. We noticed that there were people fishing out there already! It was a nice day out of course. However, the nice weather had brought many people out to the lake that day. This is where the above photograph was taken. We stood here for a few minutes just admiring the beauty of it all. Taking everything in and enjoying being out by the lake on such a beautiful morning.

After our admiration of the gorgeous day, we continued to walk. We stopped when we noticed this sign (pictured above) posted on the side of the lake. We took a look at it and noticed something we didn't even know existed! This shows how they use runoff water from things like parking lots to water gardens around the lake. It is as if the extra water is being put to good use instead of running right back into the lake. It helps insure that the lake and beach is safe for people to use and when it rains the water doesn't pollute everything. They call them "rain gardens" and they suit their name well. I personally found this very interesting and a very good idea!

We continued walking and I noticed that someone was working out on the side of the lake. She had some headphones in her ears and was actually working out right there in the open. I found this extremely interesting to begin with because nobody where I come from would think of doing that, well other than maybe a quick run. At first I just thought it was a little play area almost like a park jungle gym on the side of the lake for people to take their kids and I didn't think much of it. However as we continued I noticed a man doing a different exercise in an area very similar to the one the woman had been in. I realized that this was an actual outdoor fitness facility. Anyone can use it at any time for free and it is right on the view of the lake!  Not only this but throughout the walk so far (and the remainder of it) there were plenty of people jogging by or even just out on a nice walk.

The final part of our journey that I will discuss is our time at Bradford Beach. This is clearly the hot spot once summertime rolls around. There was plenty of open beach space and there were people out on the shore cleaning it up. There was also construction going on which means they were really getting ready for the summer season to hit! Here we talked about how many people use this as a time to hang out with friends and family and just generally have a good time. On the building we noticed a sign explaining different events that happen on the beach. For instance, they had live music, exercise groups, lake side yoga, and other various activities that the community can join in on.

We enjoyed our walk and noticed quite a few things that we never knew existed. We got to really experience Lake Michigan and witness its many effects on the community. It can be everything from a simply wonderful view, an exercise area, to place for artists to take pictures and for fishers to catch fish. Lake Michigan has many benefits to the people in the area, and I'm very glad to have experienced it in a new light with a new understanding.

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