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I've attached the videos here for you to watch.  I'm sorry for the frustration, I found a better way to share them. Enjoy!

Dr. Mehmet Oz: how can you overcome stress build up?
Dr Oz's Entire Company Learns Transcendental Meditation
Soledad O'Brien: Journalist, Mother, & Wife Learns Transcendental Meditation
Oprah Talks Meditation with Dr. Oz
comprehensive blood and cancer center uses TM

Catherine Fleishman
Director of Marketing
Transcendental Meditation Program for Women
11300 Rockville Pike, Suite 802 (8th Floor)
Bethesda, MD  20852

Office:  301-881-5400
Mobile:  240-543-7453

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I wish you safe travel, smooth flowing traffic, great parking spaces,  perfect health, attracting harmonious relationships and experiences of  unending unspeakable outrageous Joy!