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Sleep difficulties in teens can predict alcohol/drug problems

This article explains research that shows poor sleep can predict alcohol-related problems and illicit drug use among adolescents and young adults. 27% of school-aged children and 45% of adolescents do not sleep enough. Among normal adults, sleep difficulties predicted onset of alcohol use one year later and drug use 3.5 years later. It is important for parents to explain to their kids that getting enough sleep is extremely important for physical and mental behaviors.

After reading this article, I feel as though this could be true. I could imagine that people that don't get much sleep are probably awake for a reason. If parents don't care enough to help their child get enough sleep, they probably don't care that much if their child drinks or does drugs a little later in life. There are factors in life besides sleeping that relate to drinking, such as, poor parenting, social issues, bad influences, etc. Overall, I can see the direct correlation that this article explains.

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