Nelson Mandela

For me, the two qualities to be a hero are the courage and the perseverance. Also,a hero must always act to do others people good. And the person of my presentation have these qualities and fight against the apartheid. It's evidently Nelson Mandela who is considered by the majority of the earth as an example.

Nelson Mandela was a black man who lived in South Africa and who was affected by the racism between the White and Black people. Revolted by this, he led a congress and fought against racism during all his life. He staid in a jail during twenty-seven years and when he went out, he continued the fight with the same. He became the president of South Africa.

Thanks to him, today the White and Black people live together in peace in his country. During his imprisonment years, Nelson Mandela has never lost hope and he continued with perseverance to confronted the prison. He was very motivate and courageous because if he stopped his activity against apartheid, he could went out prison and always he refused this proposition. He was also involved against many reason like the education in the world (He told "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"). His fights is memorable, Nelson Mandela was a hero.

But I want to talk about a other aspect of Mandela , a, aspect more memorable that a hero. His pacific aspect! It's his absence of nastiness, of grudge, his peace in himself... As his family , his friends was afraid, Nelson Mandela don't express any bad feeling. And when he went out prison , he  had any grudge and he staid kind and allotted to his fight. To show this, he gave the cup at the captain of the national South Africa, a White man.

After his death, his courage, his perseverance and his tolerance are always an example for everybody in the world.    

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