I feel this logo is dumb because it is a plain logo with just one word! It doesn't catch my attention. Not only that but what does that word even mean?

Sonic is not exactly a good name for a fast food restaurant. It says "America Drive In" I doubt it is actually Americas best! It not that popular across the US.

I don't like this logo because its just four rectangles with a slight turn. And there all different colors. Its not creative at all.

The Infiniti logo is not that interesting. Its a circle that does not complete and a inward arrow through the circle half way across.

This logo is not that great I see the creativity due do the Greek guy. But its just a guy eating the pizza. There's no flavor to it. It shows no intrest.

This is a good logo. I feel it takes my eyes away. Not only that but it explains what it is. Its a Chinese restaurants.

This logo is interesting to me. It makes me want to know more about. It shows what is Converse? I want know I shall go and find out.

The fact that I like soccer and watched this year. This log was every where. People who don't watch it still knew what it actually was. That's how popular this logo is.

This logo is simple. And it has so much popularity. Everybody knows what it is and everybody knows what its about.

This logo is the BEST. It represents the Best school in the nation and across the valley. This school is not just a school ITS A FAMILY!