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"Selling through Social Media Made Easy- Learn how can you sell anything through the social media , Physical products or digital products"

I have been saying this for the past year, and so far nothing has changed.The same is true, and from my perspective will always be true!Facebook will reduce your ad spend if you keep their prospects in Facebook! In other words…. You will pay more money if you send your leads outside of Facebook! The problem is, the only place we can send them is a Fanpage, that contains post feeds, images, and videos right? Well not exactly… ?

My Facebook Campaigns go to…

  • Webinar signup pages
  • Presell pages
  • Long form sales pages
  • Video sales letters
  • Thank you pages
  • I even have a page where I can sell t-shirts

I’ve actually been doing this for quite some time…It required me paying a developer to do some magic with the Facebook code. Today, it’s just not necessary! Now you can create these pages with a simple click of a mouse. Important points about these pages
Mobile Responsive (Yes mobile responsive in your fan page) You can integrate with any autoresponderIt comes with several custom designed templates . (I use these as well)Easily add videos, headlines, images, even Facebook comments!

I know you’re thinking this has to be one of those $197 software’s that everybody has been selling. The good news… It is not, you will be rather surprised at the price, but you need to get it before it becomes a monthly service. So check out the Social Marketing Suite and start building your pages today!

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