Fine Arts

My passion in the fine arts is in music and art. What I really love about it all is that one I'm good at it. Two I love to express myself through it. Three I love to perform, but sometimes I get nervous!

Why do I love them?

I love them because well... I'm good at them ( so people have said at least), I love to do them, and I love just about everything to do with them!

How do you express yourself through them?

All most everyone expresses themselves through art and music.Even when they don't realize it. Have you ever been sad and then listened to a happy or sad song? If you have believe it or not, but you were expressing yourself through music! It may have not been your music, but it was still music. For me I would write a sad (or happy) song,sing it, or draw a sad picture. Every day I find myself in the "Fine Arts"!

What makes you a great artist?

What probably makes me a good artist is my emotion for it. Whether I'm sad, happy, lonely, excited, or etc. makes up what I do as an artist! For example I drew this pic (below) for my friend when I was in a kind of emotion less mood. In the pic you can sort of see you can't really tell what she's feeling, so my emotion for it all is what makes me good!


I LOVE to sing and play the piano! They make me shine brighter each and every day!


Drawing is one of my favorite things to do! I can take any picture and make it my own master piece. I way I can relieve my worries or get lost in my own little world. Then when I'm finished I can accutally be proud of something I do.


Art Gallery

Here are some of my drawing through out the year!

#Sebby #Bassy #BlackButler #BlackButler2 #Sebastian #Kuroshituji #Kuroshituji2 #Phantomhive

I also do pixel art.

Which one is more important to you, Music or Art?

Well it's hard to say... art I could make money off of art, or go to college for free off of music. I can do both though, first go and sell my art work then work on my music for college.


I love singing! It's one thing people really enjoy is my voice, and I'm really hoping I get a solo in chorus for the spring show! I love to sing OPERA and in foreign langues. For example I can sing in Portuguese, Italian, Latin, Japanese, etc. If you wish to hear me sing you can follow on instagram(request a song if you wish!)


Playing the piano is also very, very, very special to me! I can play a fair amount of songs, some songs no ones ever heard of.


*Demons (by Imagine Dragons)

*Stay with Me (by Sam Smith)

*Main theme for Skyrim (Video game)

*Slightly Chipped Full Moon (from Black Butler)

* Se dues Relinquit ( From Black Butler)

*London Bridge

*Angle of Music ( From the Phantom of the Opera)

*Wishing you Were Somehow Here Again ( From the Phantom of the Opera)

* Set Fire to the Rain (by Adele)

*Someone Like you (by Adele)

*Fur Elise ( by Beethoven )

*All of Me (by John Legend)

*Star Spangled Banner

*Do you Hear the People Sing (from Le Mis)

*Past the Point of no Return ( from The Phantom of the Opera)

*Empty Chairs at Empty Tables ( from Le Mis)

*All I Ask of You (from The Phantom of the Opera)

*Think of Me (from the Phantom of the Opera)

Hope you enjoyed!!!!!

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