Meaning: Wild Rice People

Past History

The Menominee people lived in the reservation in Wisconsin.

Present History

They live in Wisconsin and the upper Michigan peninsula. The problem was that there facing today is that the rich less tribes surroundings is often over shadowed by the many social ills Menominee people suffer.


In Menominee they eat wild rice, raised squash, and beans, nuts, and berries. For the trees they get maple syrup.


In Menominee woman's wore skits. Man's wore breech cloths and leggings. Woman's and man's wore shirts.


The Menominee houses are made out of lodges with bark covering and wigwams.


The Menominee tools are bows, arrows, clubs, stones, axes, and spears and nets.


Girls in Menominee had dolls to play. Another game was to throw a snowsnake and see who threw the farthest.

Interesting Facts

One interesting fact is that they tell stories like a fairy tale. One story is called How The Porcupine Got His Quills.



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