Ameraguard Protective Coating’s Truck Accessories and Spray On Truck Bedliners

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Ameraguard Protective Coating’s Truck Accessories and Spray On Truck Bedliners Offer Cost Effective Way to Protect Assets: Market Surges as Businesses Scramble to Prolong Life of Assets

(San Antonio, TX) March 19, 2014 – Ameraguard Protective Coatings, San Antonio’s leading truck accessories company, is set to become a whole lot more popular among local and national businesses. The company’s spray on truck bedliners and protective coatings offer businesses a practical and affordable way to save thousands of dollars in asset depreciation, a fact that is making many business owners stand up and pay attention.

“We’ve certainly noticed that, as the economy gets stronger, businesses are getting serious about protecting their assets with the appropriate truck accessories,” said the General Manager of Ameraguard Protective Coatings. “Our spray on truck bedlinersare a natural fit: they are the best and most popular bedliners in San Antonio, and we’re confident they’ll continue to outperform competitors’ products as our market grows.”

According to Global Industry Analysts, a business strategy and marketing intelligence firm, the North American truck bedliner market is set to grow to $349 Million by 2017. These truck accessories are particularly popular among businesses in the industrial or heavy industrial sphere, such as the oil and gas industry, or in markets where assets are exposed to the elements at an above-average rate, such as the marine industry. However, spray on protective coatings are also an increasingly attractive option to businesses with light industrial operations, and even hobbyists.

Spray on truck bedlinerscustomization and protection when compared to other types of bedliners, making them a popular option across all industries. Ameraguard Protective Coatings’ truck bedliners and protective coatings can be made and installed in black or in factory-matched colors depending on the customer’s needs. In addition to being installed in a truck bed, Ameraguard Protective Coatings‘ products can be applied to any number of surfaces, including bumpers, tool boxes, and even entire vehicles, and are backed by an industry-leading warranty.

In addition to offering bedliners and protective coatings, Ameraguard has established itself as San Antonio’s leading supplier of high quality accessories for Jeeps and trucks. With a 13,000 square foot facility in San Antonio’s West Loop Business Park, Ameraguard has the space to stock a full suite of accessories for truck owners and enthusiasts, and is dedicated to being the premiere supplier and delivering exceptional service to its growing customer base.

About Ameraguard Protective Coatings:

With close to one decade of niche experience in the accessories and truck bedliner market, Ameraguard Protective Coatings is committed to providing customers with the best accessories and protective products on the market. The company’s signature protective coatings are trusted across a wide range of industries, including the industrial, agricultural, and military industries, and are backed by an industry-leading warranty and approach to customer satisfaction and service. In addition to servicing its customers through a network of dealers and 100 shops across North America, Ameraguard has a large retail facility in San Antonio, allowing the company to become San Antonio’s premiere truck accessory shop.

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