The Dip of The Elephant Sized Ship

by Addie Vallier


The Costa Concordia was a cruise ship that also carried diesel. This great liner sank Jan. 13th, 2012, near an island called Giglio. The captain's error of driving the ship too close to shore caused this fateful event, a terrible case of what human mistakes can do.

A Mighty Ship

The Costa Concordia was an awesome ship! It was massive-sized. Just look at these facts and opinions. It was 951 breathtaking feet high. Wow! The places where passengers could relax included 1,500 cabins. This ship had 17 decks. Cool! It's cargo was 500,000 tons of diesel. This mighty ship was ONE of the biggest ships in the world. It stretched more than 3 football fields wide. The Costa Concordia weighed 114,000 TONS! Let me tell you where it came from. It was a cruise ship that came from Italy. I would love to board this ship! (If I didn't know it would sink.)

About The Sinking

When the Costa Concordia headed near an island called Giglio on January 13th, 2012 the passengers had absolutely no idea what was going to happen. They were going to take a dip in the sea. The whole thing started near 9:00 p.m. The Concordia struck underwater rocks. Shortly afterward the power went out, scaring passengers. Suddenly, the liner tipped and dipped, plunging into the nighttime waters. People scrambled out. Luckily most of the people were able to escape the quickly sinking ship.After the sinking the full effects were revealed.There was a 165 foot gash in the ship's hull. The mysteries of the plunge were also discovered. It was found out that the captain, Francesco Schettino, left the tipping ship before most of the passengers. Also, people realized that this happened eerily 100 years (not exact month, day) after the sinking of the Titanic. 30 people died, and two people are missing. Worse, the captain did nothing to help the people escape. The captain survived. It is believed that the captain maneuvered the vessel too close to shore, causing the ship to hit shallow waters and underwater rocks.Then the ship tilted 20 degrees to the side, making it impossible for about 32 people to evacuate.

Moving The Costa Concordia

People took immediate action. If the Costa Concordia's diesel had leaked, it might of caused a natural disaster in the area it sank, a beautiful area. So 500 people from 26 different countries set out to help pull the ship out of the sea. The liner weighed so much it took NINETEEN HOURS to move it. But in my opinion this costly operation was worth it because it helped protect nature and that's important to me.


The Costa Concordia incident could have easily been avoided. But good things happen with everything bad. This time people are developing ways to make sure this never happens to a cruise ship again. We are lucky not very many people died. But for now, lets just hope this never happens to a ship again.

Mini Dictonary

  • Diesel= A type of fuel that is used in vehicles with diesel engines. (quote Merriam Webster dictionary)
  • Evacuate:To leave a dangerous place. (quote Merriam Webster Dictionary.)
  • Giglio= An island in the Tyrrhenian sea.
  • gash= A cut that goes deep down and causes damage
  • Hull: The deck, sides, and bottom of a ship or boat.(quote Merriam Webster Dictionary)
  • Maneuver: A clever or skillful action or movement. (quote Merriam Webster Dictionary.)
  • Natural Disaster: An event in nature that causes disaster like tornadoes, storms, oil spills, hurricanes or hail.

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This is the Costa at sail.

Look how big the ship is!

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This a diagram of the ship's parts.

This is the 165 foot gash!

The steps of the sinking.

The ship at the dock.

As lifeboats leave, the lights are still shining.

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