Wilhelm Wundt

By Matthew Brandt

       Wilhelm Wundt studied the school of structuralist when he did his work. Wundt was the first person to call themselves a psychologist. Wundt was the first one to open a laboratory just for psychology. He opened the laboratory at the university of Leipzig in Germany. Wundt was the one to separate philosophy and science to get psychology. Wundt lived from to 1832 and died in 1920. The world was just starting to play with technology and the telegraph was introduced in America.

       I believe that Wilhelm was important because he was the one to say psychology was a science. If he didn't suggest psychology was a science then people would have gone on thinking that psychology was still philosophy. Wilhelm also made the first laboratory just for psychology too. Him being in the time period he was in might have influenced him with technology. If they got the telegram then they soon got new medical technology instruments.

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