Come to Mesopotamia!

The land of your dreams!!



Where are you moving to?   You are moving to the great and fascinating land of Mesopotamia .It is right between the Euphrates river and the Tigris rivers that's right you will be living between TWO rivers!!    Also known as the land between the rivers! It is in asia and I gueriteage you will love living between both the Euphrates and Tigris rivers



Some of the advantages of living in this Beautiful land is that we DO have irrigation so we will not flood as often as other lands .Also in Mesopotamia you can live next to the water or in the middle of a dessert or even way up in the zaggoss mountains! We have tons of different terrains for you to come and try out .And we give you jobs some are builders,hunters , and gathers that you can collect money to buy food and general items. And we also have stricken laws so that you and the other people of Mesopotamia will always feel safe. And you will have the chance to be ruled by the one and only leader of the neo-Babylonians, King Nebuchadnezzar. He is an amazing ruler and will help you stay safe and protected at all times!

                                                                      CLIMATES AND LOCATIONS!

Here you will find hot ,cold and perfect weather that you can live in and in the winter you can even move to sumer when the weather gets cold in other regions! Also you can chose what empire you want to belong in either the Assyrian empire the Babylonian empire, or the akkadians or even the neo Assyrians or neo Babylonians!! Mesopotamia has some amazing things in store for you so come live in the land between the rivers!!!

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