Winter Olympics/Men's Individual Skeleton

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In 776 BC, the first Olympics were held at Mount Olympus to honor the King god, Zeus. The games in the ancient Olympics included pentathlon, running, jumping, discus throwing, wrestling, boxing, pankration, and equestrian events. The tradition of the Olympics has carried on today, with the the first modern Olympics held in Athens in 1986, and with the most recent Olympics having been held in Sochi, Russia. Men's ice track was first included into the olympics in 1926, using toboggans on an ice track. Later, someone introduced a metal sled that looked like a skeleton, which is where the name came from. In skeleton, the track has to be at least 1200 meters long, and the rising parts of the track cannot use more than 12% of the space. The weight of the equipment absolutely cannot go over 115 KG. To train for skeleton, the athlete must do squats, plyometrics, sprints and weight training. Some of the more recent medal-winners include Jon Montgomery, Duff Gibson, & Jim Shea


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