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Alien Name: Natalie

Age: 6 years on Earth, 0.04 years on Neptune

Weight: ! pound on Earth, 1.1 pounds on Neptune

Neptune. Neptune s a Gas Giant

Basic Facts

How many planets is it from the sun :Neptune is the 8th planet from the sun.

Moons :Neptune has 14 moons. Triton is the biggest of all Neptunes moons. Triton is slightly smaller than Earths moon. Some of Neptunes moons are are Triton Nereid, Proteus, Larissa, Despina, Galatea, Thalassa, and Naiad.

Atmosphere :Neptunes atmosphere mostly consist of hydrogen and helium. Unlike other planets in the solar system Neptune consist of ice and gas.

Comosition :Neptune contains more conplex moleucules. Such as methane gas,ethane gas, acetylene, and diacetylene.

Weather :Neptune has huge storms and high winds. It has dark spots which come and go. Also it has bright cirrus-like clouds which come and go.

Tempature : -353 F  -214 C

A Day In The Life

How fast does it rotate :  164.79 Earth Years

Speed : 12,253 miles per hour

Length of day and year: One day on Neptune- 19.1 Earth Hours                         One Year on Neptune- 164.8 Earth Years

Size of Planet : 15,299 miles long

Intresting Facts

Neptune is a very intresting planet. For starters Neptune is a frozen gas planet. It has a mixture of gases and ice so therefore it is a frozen gas planet. Neptune was named after the god of the sea. This planet is the smallest of the ice giants. There has only been one spacecraft has flown by Neptune. Neptune spins on its axis very rapidly. ( It only takes 18 hours for a full rotation). Neptunes is four times the Earths size. Neptune is covered with thin white clouds. Neptunes moon, Triton orbits its planet in the opposite dirction. It is the only planet in the solar system to do this.

Description of Alien

My alien is made out of a soda bottle. Then on the soda bottle is silver Aluminum foil. On the silver tinfoil is purle, blue, and white tye-die duct tape. The arms are paper towel holders wraped in one layer of Aluminum foil, one layer of duct tape, and a white peice of cloth wraped around it at the bottom. Then for the top of my alien is 3 googly eyes. For hair it has all diffrent colors of pipe cleaner made in to a ponytail.Then for a protective helmet I used the top of a skittles egg. Last, on the back is a piece of blue fabric.

I used a soda bottle to get the alien shape for the body. The Aluminumn foil is to obsorb the heat since Neptune is such a cold planet.The duct tape is a thick layer to hold in any heat. My Alien has arms that are longer than its body. This is because her arms have more coverage, so he walks with them on the cold surface of Neptune. Her arms are wrapped in Aluminum foil, duct tape, and a white peice of fabric at the bottom. He doesn't have to breathe, if he did breathe that she would just be breathing out cold air. My alien has 3 eyes so she can see 3 times as well. This helps her see when a storm is coming. On Neptune they have very huge storms.She has a ponytail with allkinds of different colors to keep her head warm. Then she has a yellow hat to keep the very top of her head warm. Last she has a cape made of fabric so that when a storm comes she can pull it over her head and stay safe.

My Alien is a producer. It produces food insde its body by staying warm. So when ever it is warm it produces food. If it ever became cold for to long it would starve to death.

Nothing in my environment feeds on my alien. My alien feeds on ice and water that it makes inside its body.

Credits Page

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The concept is very creative, there a as Chloe said a few spelling errors.