Inherited part 2

"Say it was the story of our whole family and as long as Sutter had it.... Had had us."                     

"Me and winning boy went on down there with him and took the piano out the Sutter's house."

"I was telling him why we say Berniece ain't gonna sell it."

What I notice about theses quotes were that they were fighting for their piano, so that they could have it back into there family.

What theses quotes have in common is that their talking about the piano.

Theses phrase tell us that it is important to the family to have the piano because there saying on how they got the piano and what the reason for them to get the piano back.

The reason for a conflict is because Berinece wants to keep the piano because of the family history.  But boy willy wants to sell it Because he could sell the piano and then use the money to get Sutter's land.

I think they should sell it because Berinece hadnt played on the piano for over 7 years. There's another good cause with the piano.