In the book, Chains, by Laurie Halse Anderson, the way that Britain treats the country of America is the same way that slave owners treat their own slaves. For example, “He grabbed my arm and pulled me roughly to my feet. “I told you to move,” Mr. Robert snarled at me.” This piece of evidence shows how Isabel is treated like just a piece of property and Mr. Robert just owns her because Isabel was obviously trying to have a moment and talk to her mom and try to get ahold of her and Mr. Robert just yanked her by the arm because he felt like it and didn’t bother to even consider Isabel feelings at that moment. Another example, which is one of the topics brought up within the writing of the pamphlet known as, “Common Sense” is, “Even if Britain were the "mother country" of America, that made her actions all the more horrendous, for no mother would harm her children so brutally. What this piece of evidence shows is how Great Britain feels like America is better off as a country when being ruled by them yet, the country of America is treated very horribly by britain without the consent of America’s colonies and Britain does not believe that there is anything wrong with how they treat the nation of America. In conclusion, the way that Great Britain treats American, is the same way that a master would treat his slave(s), very forceful, cruel, and both Britain and the masters don’t get consent from either America or the slaves, they just do whatever they want and care if it hurts them.

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