Maria Victoria Alvarez

Hi, my name is Ma. Victoria Alvarez. I am 11 years old and I have a family of 5. I have my parents and i have 2 sisters. With me we are 3. My family is the best part of my life. In this website You will learn a little bit of myself.

German Sheperds,

German Shepherd are a type of dogs that are very loyal to you. If they are well trained they will be the best dogs ever. They are very protective with their owners. They need to have special care and lots of love.

Pretty Little Liars is one of my favorite series. It is mostly about mystery and suspense. I mostly watch it when i am bored and alone at home. The fun thing about it is that my family watches it but my dad. When I don't want to watch it alone I can watch it with my mom.

These are my parents.My dad works in Alianza Seguros.Every year he organizes a nutrition fair. My mom is a Zumba Instructor she teaches how to dance Zumba. I feel so proud of them even though they can't see it. They are the ones who kill their selves working to give me the best I need. They mean the world to me. My love for them is unconditionall.I love them so much.

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