Greetings from the Future

Nekk norb -- Whoops. Forgot to hit the 'old english' button.

Hello everyone, I am Jon Bockwich from the future. That's me.

I am making my dinner on a keyboard because it's a lot quicker than what you people had, 'microwaves'. We still have hot sauce though, which I am pretty glad about. If you press C-sharp a steak dinner comes out.

I am writing this to you on August 9th, 2087. I don't look too bad for being 105 today. A few years back we achieved immortality by injecting our hormones with the same stuff they put in Twinkies. Those things last forever.

Let me give you a
tour of the Future......

That's my car. It's a hybrid -- A plane, a car, a boat.. and if you like, its also a working toaster. Not sure why they added that... apparently car salesmen haven't changed much.

Oh and that's my house too. Those look pretty much the same except we all have 3 garages now.

Oh and this is really cool. If you click this button we can actually show you a virtual reality version of the world in 2087. Check it out:

I am hoping this message will get back to Jon Bockwich from 2012. If I remember correctly, my friend worked at Tackk back then. This is actually the most popular website on the outernet now.

Oh that's right you guys don't know about that yet... The outernet is an internet with like Martians and other aliens.

If this message does make it back to Jon, Happy 30th birthday buddy. Oh, and don't get the wings at the Winking Lizard tonight... That was a huge mistake.

And if anyone is wondering, that 'bath salts' thing going on in 2012 was actually the beginning of the Zombie takeover. But don't worry too much - they're actually pretty nice and some of them are still around now.