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Obama: U.S. ready to take the lead in Ebola fight


President Barack Obama has announced that the United States will be more involved in helping the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Experts say the virus could become a "major humanitarian crisis". To stop this, the US will send soldiers, health workers, medical supplies, and supplies to make hospitals. The US government has already spent $100 million on helping with the outbreak and could possibly spend another $500 million. Soldiers will help civilian efforts by building hospitals and allowing more supplies and health workers to be brought in. Treatment kits will be provided to families to prevent the transmission of the virus. New facilities will be built to train health care workers how to spot and care for patients with Ebola. In short, the US is helping to eliminate Ebola from the Earth and help patients with Ebola get better.

Ideals Related to the Story

Equality and opportunity are linked to this story.

President Obama and Congress are making an effort to help the people with Ebola because they feel that everyone is equal. If they did not believe in equality, they would have ignored everything happening with Ebola until it spread to the US. They are promoting health care equality in West Africa by providing medical supplies and training for health workers. The efforts of the US are being made to give people with Ebola the opportunity to experience life again. Everything the US is sending will decrease the transmission of Ebola and help people already with Ebola to survive and return to their families. Thus, giving them the opportunity to return to their normal lives and happily live on.

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