Civilian Space Travel

By: Katherine Cahill

Have you ever wanted to go into space? Well, there could be many dangers to that. The  dangers of sending civilians into space are that they do not have any past  experiences, no past training, and there will be many costs. Based on this, civilians should not be allowed to go into space.

The first danger I will be addressing is that the civilians have no past training. The expert astronauts have gone through many years of training, but the civilians have not. Even though they may go through some training, it still won't be enough to fully understand what they are doing in space. Also their training does not include learning about how the rocket works, and if something happens to the rocket up in space they may be risking their lives.

Going up into space may be a once in a lifetime experience of being able to go see everything up there, but they have no experience. The experienced astronauts know what if something goes wrong up in space, since they have been in one before. A civilian may get in the way or make the problem worse than it is. Also a civilian may get tired of being in space and want to go back to Earth because they have never experienced it before.

Finally there will be many costs. These costs include the space suit, the rocket, the training, and also if something goes wrong, the cost to fix it. These costs may come from the civilian, which is good for NASA but if something goes wrong with the rocket then that may cost NASA. If someone gets injured up in space or someone loses their life, NASA may get sued because it was on their property (the rocket).

Now, for anyone who is thinking of going into space they should start rethinking it. So now you see why I chose to not have civilians in space, because there is no past training, no past experiences, and all of the costs. Also now you see that it would be safer to just leave it to the experts.

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