Violent Youth

Researched & Created By: Sarah Bell

Focus Question:

What are the main causes of violence between ages 10-17 years old?

Definition of Youth Violence

Youth violence refers to harmful behaviors in ages 10-17 years old. It includes bullying, robberies, assault, serious injury, or even death.

Causes of Teen Violence

Depression: One of the main reasons why teens feel the need to commit violent actions are depression issues. There are many causes of teen depression, physically and emotionally. Depression could be caused by abuse at home, bullying at school, trauma, and much more.

Frustration: According to Centers for Disease Control, teens could also be commiting violent acts due to frustration at school, towards learning or emotional disorders, they could also be making these decisions towards frustration with their teachers, families, or

Influences: Influences at home, at the movies, at school could also be a main cause for teen violence. Teens see how violent some movies are, and they let the movies affect the way they think or do things that are right. If they do not have great home lives, and are witnessing violent acts it may be what they think is right, because they know no different. Also rap songs,  television, and video games can affect the way young teens act. Being physically or sexually abused is also an influence from the child's home that could cause youth violence.

Trauma: When traumas happen in someone's life, it affects them emotionally, and sometimes physically. Some teens do not know how to cope with things that happen through their childhood years.

Premature adults that commit violent acts, violence is normally not their only problem. They normally tend to have a consistency of bad grades, and dropping out of school.

Are violent actions more common in boys or girls, and what age?

Physical aggression is more common in teen boys, and emotional destruction is more common in teenage girls.

The age group that violent actions occur in ages 13-18 years old.


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