By:Brayden T and Moustafa E

This poem is about a boy named Free and he lives near the sea, and he talks to god. This poem determines rhyme because the words have the same ending sound.

The other devices the poem has is rhythm, repetition, and assonance.

This poem is about the shore that has a swift breeze and the sun is burning on top of the people. And on top you can see the heaven. And the sun is reflecting off the water.

This poem determines rhythm because it goes in a beat.

This poem also has repetition.

This is a funny poem about STANKY feet and that it smells like limburger cheese.

This poem determines simile because it compares feet to limburger cheese and uses like and as. This poem has rhyme and rhythm.

This poem is about a croud that have straight backs and there always given the last shot.

This poem detemines hyperbole because it says there backs are as straight as rulers.

This poem also has simile.

This poem is about a raven that never moves anywhere around a chamber door.

This poem determines assonance because it said raven a lot of times including the end of the poem. This poem also has repetition.

This poem is about if you are a nobody or who are you.

This poem determines repetition because it repeats the same words I am a nobody and who I am.

This poem also has rhyme.

That is our six poems for tackk.

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