Learning Together

Arkadelphia High School PLCs

On April 3 We will participate in focus walks to see how well we have accomplished our goal of increasing student engagement in the learning.

Be prepared to "be observed" in your classroom and to "observe" other classrooms on this day.  Remember, we are looking for examples of the following:  authentic tasks, hands-on experiences, coaching, student modeling, relevant discourse, learning centers, instructional technology, and higher order questioning.

Observers will also look for Standards-Based Bulletin Boards with exemplars and implementation of routines and procedures.

All of these elements connect to Tess Component 3c:  Engaging Students in Learning.  Activities/assignments, grouping of students, instructional materials/resources, and structure/pacing will be noted as well.

It will be interesting to see the different ways that our co-workers engage students in the learning!!!         

Learning together, right?