Rum Cocktails – Endless Elements of Surprise in Your Drink

There is a virtually unending list of cocktails already out there in the world. Some have been mixed and developed over centuries while others are the products of the new age molecular gastronomy that is taking over the culinary world these days. There are cocktails that even have coffee in them and there are cocktails that have ingredients that you can track down in only the most remote parts of the world. But not all of these cocktails are essentials..

Let me explain..

The essential mixes are the ones you can always depend on to give you a good relaxing feel after a log hard day or to rely upon to get the party going when you are posting your friends and colleagues over at your place for dinner. These mixes are complementary to most food items and can accentuate their taste to epic proportions. What makes a cocktail an essential is its popularity and some mixes have the tenacity to even impress presidents of our country. Its not all that easy to dethrone these classics from their glory.

So lets look at the essential rum cocktails that any and every person out there should know how to whip up. These are pretty easy to make, the ingredients will all be present already in your kitchen and they will definitely impress the people you present these to – be it your friends or that partner you are trying to get to like you!


Every category of spirits needs a sour mix and for the molasses-y rum, that drink happens to be the all pleasing Daiquiri. And this drink will need you to go for mixing the old school way! This means no blenders, no fruit syrups, and no giant Bourbon Street slushie machines. Just combine light rum, fresh lime juice and sugar and voila – your amazing rum drink is ready. Just make sure you dissolve the well or use syrup instead.


Like the daiquiri, the Hurricane has suffered some humiliation thanks to modern day tinkering with classic recipes. But just a brush back to the basics will reveal the fascinatingly delicious rum drink that this mix is. Some dark and rich Jamaican rum, some passion fruit syrup and lemon juice – that’s all it takes to set off a hurricane of flavour and surprise in your mouth. The taste is truly amazing when you think about the friendly play that sweet of rum and sour of passion fruit and lime get going on in that glass.

Planter’s punch

When it comes to rum cocktail recipes, the Planter’s Punch recipe has seen the most transformation over the years. The original drink dates back centuries which means you will find an exceeding number of variations to it. And the original is so much better than any variation you have ever tasted. Bring on the best Jamaican dark rum you can find, some syrup, lime juice and Angostura bitters. Who would have thought of that!

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