By. Garrett Smith

Continent: Africa

Imports: refined petroleum, machinery, chemical products, textiles, metals, plastics and rubber.

Exports: tea, cut flowers, coffee, food, minerals, metals, weapons.

electricity voltage: 13 amp three prong g-plug.

National Anthem:O God of all creation Bless this our land and nation Justice be our shield and defender May we dwell in unity Peace and liberty Plenty be found within our borders.Let one and all arise With hearts both strong and true Service be our earnest endeavor And our homeland of Kenya Heritage of splendor Firm may we stand to defend Let all with one accord In common bond united Build this our nation together And the glory of Kenya The fruit of our labor Fill every heart with thanksgiving.

Languages: Swahili and English

Shots: Hepatitis A, Polio,Typhoid,Hepatitis B, Malaria, Meningitis, Rabies, Yellow Fever

Natural hazards: Kenya has an active volcano

Full country name: republic of Kenya

Area of Kenya: 224,962 sq miles

Population: 43.18 million

Capital city: Nairobi

Government: presidential system

Time zone: the east Africa time zone

Foods: the food are fish, beans, potatoes, cooked bananas.

Climate: tropical climate

Life Expectancy: male 46 years female 47 years

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