Othello, Act IV scene 1

To read Othello for literary and dramatic analysis.

THEME: JEALOUSY: "A horned man's a monster and a beast." (62)
Iago refers to jealousy as the "green-eyed monster." As this metaphor
suggests, jealousy is closely associated with the theme of appearance and

Key Vocabulary:

1. breach [BREECH] - v. - to make an infraction, violation or break in something
2. credulous [KREH juh less] - adj. - ready to believe especially on slight or uncertain evidence
3.expostulate [ik SPAHS choo layt] - v. - to reason earnestly with a person to dissuade
4. strumpet [STRUM pit] - n. - prostitute
5. venial [VEE NEE uhl] - adj. - forgivable, pardonable

Questions to Consider As You Read Act IV, Scene 1: These are preview questions and not due today.

1) What does Iago say he has heard Cassio talk about?

2) Iago says (in line 54) “My medicine work! Thus credulous fools are caught.” This line points to one of Othello’s TRAGIC FLAWS. List at least 3 tragic flaws Othello seems to have.




3) What is Iago’s perception of all married men?

4) How does Cassio feel about Bianca?

5) Describe the conversation between Iago and Cassio that Othello overhears.

6) Why is Bianca angry when she enters? How does her presence in this scene help seal Iago’s plan?

7) How is Othello changing in Act 4? What is the effect of his public humiliation of Desdemona by slapping her?

8) What are the murder plans?

9) Who is Lodovico? What news does he bring from Venice?

10) Why is Lodovico shocked at the end of this scene?