Approach a Right Technician to Activate QuickBooks Payroll Purchased from a Retail Store

If you believe you should have downloaded the Payroll services from the website to install and activate it appropriately, then it’s time to throw out your worry and start looking for an experienced technician who can help you in activating the service flawlessly. You are not alone to have the software from a retail store - I had also purchased my QuickBooks Payroll from a nearby store with every essential element that is required while activating the services.

What you need to do at the outset is checking out whether the software box contains all the essential things such as a CD, serial number, and product key. It is natural to have a worry to some extent if you purchase a software suite from a retail shop - particularly when you are a new user. But you should never get surrounded by doubts; rather go to the official page and browse the information from the page.

When I got my first Payroll service from a retail shop, I had had a concern whether the copy does carry all the services, including 1 year subscription. But when the service was successfully installed and activated, it was all given with the software program. But there is a real concern that you need to be aware of - you should never avoid availing of a certified QuickBooks Payroll phone support service for the activation process. There are some important areas in the overall procedure, which you should never start by yourself if you are a new user.

And if you don’t want to waste your time in waiting for a technical help, then you may try out independent technicians through their toll-free QuickBooks Payroll support phone number for a reliable and instant access.

Follow the instructions suggested by your selected technician and get your Payroll service activated with all services.

Here’re the steps to be implemented while activating Payroll service:

  • Launch QuickBooks Desktop, click Employees > Payroll > Install Payroll from Box.
  • Fill the fields in the Payroll License and Product Information page.
  • Click Continue.
  • Give all info in the fields in the Payroll Company Legal Information page. All fields are required unless termed as optional.
  • Go through the disclaimer in the Billing Information section.
  • Click Continue.
  • Log in to your Intuit Account.
  • Click the Start Payroll button in the Confirmation.

And thus you get the services activated. Afterward, you may have to set up some features and tools in the software suite. You would better contact a reliable technician.

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