Bichon Frise- Cute puppies for Sale NYC

Check out this cute dog Recommended for Elderly and families. It is a low Maintenance dog with Lifespan of 14-15 years. if you want to buy this dog then here is some info that can help you :

The breed has a double coat, always white. The outer coat is coarse and curly, much like a poodles, and covers a soft short under coat, which provides body and gives the breed a fluffy appearance. It stands no more than 30cm at the shoulder, slightly taller than a Maltese.


Fun loving, happy and often naughty.Known to be difficult to house train and perseverance is required. Promoted as a lap dog, the Bichon Frise should never be aggressive or surly.

Health and Lifespan
Reports exist of cases of epilepsy and slipping kneecaps, called luxating patellas. Ask your breeder if there’s any history of these in the parents. Breeders now test for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) where the retina breaks down and causes the animal to go blind. This is a preventable problem with astute breeding. Skin allergies are not uncommon amongst pale skinned animals. Look for signs of allergy in the parents, such as reddened skin and signs of irritation, especially in the hotter months. Breeders report that Bichons are tremendously allergic to flea dirt and other allergens. Some will try to chew themselves to pieces when bitten, causing ‘hot spots’. Flea control should be maintained throughout the year.

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