Social Studies Review Quiz


Q:The Rights to Life, Liberty, and property are known as...                             

A: Natural rights

Q: People were able to communicate better in the renaissance b/c of...

A: The Printing Press

Q: A quest to globalize was known as as...

A: Expedition

Q: For a government to operate, _________________ was needed

A:Consent of the Governed

Q: Colonies were established in order for _________________ to occur

A: Globalization


Q: Form of government with one ruler?

Q: Form of government where the people have power?
A: Democracy

Q: If a foreign invader came and overthrew the government, it would be?
A: Tyranny

Q: If the government operates without Consent of the Governed, you can _________ it.

A: Overthrow

Q: If a group of people rule, it is a?

A: Oligarchy


Q: The war had brutal ______ warfare in holes

A: Trench

Q: Soviet Russia is a ____________ party

A: Communist

Q: Too much money leads to?

Q: The Great __________ happened in the period between WW1-WW2

A: Depression

Q: R in BRAT?
A: Reperations


Q: The twin towers were attacked on?
A: 9/11

Q: A pandemic, the disease is spread throughout...

A: The world, globally

Q: Ebola was an outbreak in...

A: Africa

Q: 9/11 killed over ______ people

A: 3000

Q: A measles outbreak recently occured in...

A: California, Disney land